It is the client who chooses either to have a team managed internally and have your Software Development Extension in the Distributed Environment or get the Managed Software Development Team of Overall Lifecycle.

We are here for you. We care and we trust.
What do we offer to our clients in various domains
Own Remote Development Center
We carefully pick the team members and effectively integrate them into your workflow and processes.

You get the most valuable candidates who are processed by our team out of 250 000 UA specialists:

HR screening to make sure that candidates are trustworthy, eager to develop, and culturally fit.
Tech lead interview to make sure the required technological stack is at place.
Technical task - to showcase the candidates` knowledge snd proficiency.
Customer interview - the stage at which the customer screens who out of candidates is the best match.
Team Extension
The 5Blue Software not only offers valuable resources but also the strongest technical expertise.

At whatever stage your team is right now, we can proceed with its scaling to build an ultimate team of your dream.

Taking your culture, processes, and environment into consideration we make sure the team-members are fully integrated.
5-Blue Software isn't a purely technologically bounded team — it's also about like minded people who dare to drive meaningful changes and perform their best in an outgoing and friendly manner. Out of our strengths - this is the core of each team.
We are here for you no matter what. We care and we trust. In each other and in our clients.

What else is the team for?
We collaborate together to deliver qualitative mind-blowing solutions that rock

Shall we rock?

We work in hybrid mode from anywhere but get together in our hub to work, collaborate, have fun, and BBQ

Wanna join?
We are totally into development plans, career opportunities & advisory, soft and hard skills training

Are you ready to grow?
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"
Mark Twain
Here we are, drop your CV and off we go
We are always sure in our team members
The combination of fast recruitment and technological fit of our teams is the strength that differs us from the others. How do we do that?
We make sure our teams provide clean qualitative code, follow best practices and are eager to challenge themselves with tough tasks
We make sure that our team members are careful and trustworthy with your product, teams, and environment, and that they are the best fit for your business
We make sure the teams follow the practices and procedures that your company has established
We make sure our teams collaborate to fulfil the task of any complexity with their mind-blowing ideas and approaches
Our values & culture

At every step quality lies within communication, the code we write, the ideas we perform,  and the attitude we maintain

Although commitment and responsibility are common trivial words, we see a great depth that lies within it. Our teams work collaboratively to maintain the highest level of accountability that proves our loyalty at all stages

A friendly attitude of our team showcases collaborative, caring and family alike environment that we shape at every stage of cooperation

We care about your success, we care about our teams, and care about each other. The only way our work is performed is by the means of responsiveness to the needs of the people we deal with.

Only by combining transparent needs analysis and mutual trust we succeed in dealing with the tasks of any level. This is who we are - a trustworthy team that would ultimately cover your back.

We appreciate diversity and encourage off the beaten track way of thinking. In mutual trust we support and believe in each other. Only together we can drive rock it and drive any change.

Clean Code

Best fit

Company practices

Collaborative approach

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